Friday, November 30, 2012


Sorry for the absence! Things have been crazy! So I decided to give the blogging a break. I will start off with WE MOVED!!! This is only our 4th night here, but it's so exciting! and I love it! We ended up not getting the apartment we originally thought we would (the garage one) but instead we got something better! We were having to find a place quickly (my mom has her house up for sale) and so we were looking around ringgold, and drove by a complex and I just called, and he said he would have a 2 bedroom duplex opening the next week! So hunter called him back and we went to look at it and got all the paper work together and we got it! It's actually cheaper than the garage one, but we also have electricity. But it's huge! Well for us. I'm really not sure the square footage, but emerson has her own bedroom, It's small but perfect for her! She refuses to sleep in it though! haha. I will be posting pics once we get all the boxes out of the living room and the christmas tree fully decorated!

And school, has been horrible! My teacher has not been there a full week in 8 weeks. Yeah. And then after missing 2 weeks of class, she came in to tell us, she's leaving, and they may drop our major. Yepp. I have <25 hours to complete, I should've been done next summer, but now we don't have a teacher. I still don't really know what is going to happen, but luckily next semester I only had two of her classes and the school is by law required to A. Find a new teacher/sub to finish those in the program out. or B. pay for us to change majors and give us reimbursment for our wasted time. From what I know, they will have a sub for us next semester, but its unclear what will happen from there. I was super upset for a few weeks and really just wanted to drop out. I'm still not really sure what's going to happen and am just going day by day.

Also with school! I got a call today, saying that I didn't get into that program WIA (which will pay for childcare, books, and gas!) But that they wanted me to be in another program for 19-21 year olds which will pay for everything just the same! I go in tuesday on my break at school to talk with the director! I'm so excited! I'm glad emerson will get to go to daycare which will take SOOO much stress of us! The lady also told me the ONLY reason we didn't get the program was because I wasn't 19 on the first day of school. LIVID! The first day was on the 21st, I turned 19 on the 23rd! Does 2 days really make a difference?!?! ughh. Oh well.

Emerson is now walking! It's insane! And she's into everything! She now eats table food! as in lots of fruits and veggies and eggs! I love making cute lunches for her! It's crazy how grown up she is now, she really isn't a baby anymore!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


this is emerson's friend harper from church, we had no clue until last week what she was being!

emerson's first sucker!

harper, emerson, and olivia!

this is emerson's boyfriend and his momma! Jennifer and Cooper!

my dad, Pops!
We started of our night going to see my Dad, when while we were there emerson ripped the pupil off her costume, so we had to go back home to get a needle and thread so I sewed it on our way to trunk or treat! We went to our churches trunk or treat it was fun, except it was super cold, emerson was scared of most everyone in costumes, so we stayed inside the church just hanging with people most of the time. We then stopped by hunter's boss's house, then went to hunter's work, then went to bilo! haha, we wore emerson out! She came home and slept from about 9:15-5am! I know that's super early, but that's the longest she's slept in 6 months!