Thursday, November 1, 2012


this is emerson's friend harper from church, we had no clue until last week what she was being!

emerson's first sucker!

harper, emerson, and olivia!

this is emerson's boyfriend and his momma! Jennifer and Cooper!

my dad, Pops!
We started of our night going to see my Dad, when while we were there emerson ripped the pupil off her costume, so we had to go back home to get a needle and thread so I sewed it on our way to trunk or treat! We went to our churches trunk or treat it was fun, except it was super cold, emerson was scared of most everyone in costumes, so we stayed inside the church just hanging with people most of the time. We then stopped by hunter's boss's house, then went to hunter's work, then went to bilo! haha, we wore emerson out! She came home and slept from about 9:15-5am! I know that's super early, but that's the longest she's slept in 6 months!


  1. Sounds like fun! That is really cute! Her costume-Did you make it like you had planned to? If so, it turned out great! It would not havet urned out like that for me. Ha Ha.

    1. Yepp! haha. I actually enjoyed making it! I will deffinately make her costumes until she gets old enough to care. We spent a little over $15 so I'm not really sure if that really saved us money, but it was cute, I had fun, she loved it so it was worth it!