Sunday, September 23, 2012

Worst mom of the year goes to!!!

ME. Today. It was bad. So today me and my mom and sister and of course emerson too, drove out to a craft store to get some things for my sister because she's on the homecoming court. So we get there, and emerson had just fallen asleep. I didn't really wanna go in, so I decided I would just stay in the car with emerson. So I was in the back seat with her and the car was on(with the air on). Soon as my mom and sister walked into the store the car alarm started going off. It took me awhile to realize that it was our car. So i figured maybe my sister was just trying to be silly and set it off from inside, then i realized she couldn't because the keys were still in the ignition. So then i thought, well maybe it's because the doors aren't locked, so I locked all the doors. It was still going off. So then I thought, maybe a button got pressed in the front seat, so I decided I would get up in the front seat. Well, I got out of the back seat, closed the door. And tried to open the front door. It was locked. All 4 doors were locked. Emerson was still sound asleep in her car seat and thank the lord that the car and air conditioner was on! So i called my mom and they came out of the store. We were debating what to do. Call the cops- mom told me I could be arrested for child endangerment. So I called hunter at work - he got off in like 10 mins, so he was gonna get the spare key and bring it to us. REMEMBER the air conditioner was on! If it wasn't i would've probably just thrown a rock in the window. But as I was on the phone with hunter, a man came up and asked us if we locked the keys in our car. He was a lock smith, and had a mini kit in his personal car. Luckily he got it open in like 2 minutes! and he didn't charge us! I'm just so thankful there are still good people in this world! And i'm so so so thankful we didn't turn off the car! But it made me feel like a horrible mom. But at least she is safe now!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carseat Shopping.

Well we're in the market again! Emerson's got like an inch until she grows out of her infant car seat that we keep in hunter's car, so we need to get one for his car. We know we don't want get another huge one like the one in my car (Graco MyRide 65) But at the bare minumum it has to rear face until 40 lbs. I've been doing some research, and I found 2, not so expensive ones.

This one ^ Evenflo Tribute 5. It lasts until 40 lbs, forward or rearfacing. and it's $59.

This one ^ came out this summer (after we got our Graco) The Safety 1st Guide 65. It's $78 at walmart and $99 at babies r us. (Obviously we'll be getting it at walmart. But it last 40 lbs rear facing and 65 forward (just like our graco)

We're really torn on whether we want to get one that will last until 65 or just 40, because by the time she gets 40 lbs, we will hopefully both be graduated and may not need two car seats. My biggest issue is how easy it is to tighten the straps. The chicco key fit we have that she is about to grow out of is sooooo easy to tighten and loosen the straps, therefor i trust that hunter does it correctly. Our Graco is a little harder to get it as tight as it should be. Do any of yall have any suggestions? Or any experience with either of these brands? I need advice!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What A Shock.

Well, Hunter told me when he came home from work that he was planning on moving out. And that he thought that we'd both be happier apart. I really have no clue what to think or do right now. But I'm still collecting my thoughts. It's gonna be a long night.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halloween 2012!

So since it's September it deffinately means its fall! Well knida! So, we had no clue what we wanted Emerson to be for halloween. So we looked at Kmart the other night while we were there and noticed the costumers were like $25! Uhm, maybe i've just been oblivious but I didn't expect a costume that she will wear once to be $25. I wont even spend that much on an outfit that she would wear multiple times. So I looked around on pinterest figuring I could make something much cheaper.. and I can!!! :)

We've decided on this! I went to walmart to get the tule to make the tutu but they didn't have the royal blue, so I went to hancock fabrics. I got the tule, the elastic, and the felt for $12! So deffinately way cheaper than any costume at a store. I've still got to get a little bit of ribbon though. She's already got a white onsie I can use, and if it's cold, she has some tights!

 She's gonna be cookie moster!
Plus, I figure she can always play dress up with the tutu later on!

And here are some of the other costumes we debated on! I loved the owl, it would've been more time consuming than the cookie monster and with school and everything, we just don't have much time, plus with her not really walking yet, her cape would probably get destroyed. haha.

And a little throw back of Me and Emerson last Halloween! :)
I made this costume!
It's a horrible picture, and I can't figure out how to turn it, but we were skeletons! It's crazy how much things change in just a years time!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Why not? What kind of mom am I?

Well, we're all perfect moms, until we actually have kids. Because the way I'm raising Emerson is completely different than I ever imagined, so I'm sure some things may change along the way.

I believe in reinforcement. If it works for your child. Positive more than negative. When Emerson does something good, I praise her. If she eats her dinner, I tell her what a good eater she is being. Therefore she gets positive reinforcement. And as much debate I have done with myself, I do believe in negative reinforcement. Not harshly, because I have seen first hand the extent some 'moms' will take punishment too. But if Emerson is getting into something (Computer cords, drawers, shoes, wallets) that she isn't supposed to and that could hurt her, she will get some kind of negative reinforcement, now it's mostly a head shake no and saying no, but sometimes she will get a tap on the hand. I don't know if we'll end up spanking or not, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I believe in breastfeeding. When it works. I've come to the realization that sometimes, it just doesn't work out. I hope and pray that it works next time. But this time, I realize that it just wasn't meant to be.

I believe in co-sleeping. We have mostly been co-sleeping/rooming in/bed sharing. I believe the benefits out way the harms. But I believe in doing it safely. Keeping her with me, on my side, or only if I am in the bed, (Hunter is a deep sleeper). I believe it gives her comfort, because she is going thru a lot of seperation anxiety right now. And honestly, It's easier, we all get more sleep, because we don't have to get up, rock her back to sleep, and then get back and bed. It just works.

I believe in letting children explore. Not letting fear get in the way of their learning. I don't believe in keeping babies in a play pin/bounce/swing all day. 90% of the day Emerson is crawling, learning, exploring, and figuring out how things work. I don't believe they should be caged to their little area they need room to play and learn.

I believe in extended rear facing. Actually, I don't even want to call it extended because it should be the law to go to 40lbs, but obviously our government has other issues. I am a car seat natzi. I HATE seeing parents not buckle their children in correctly. Especially older parents, Because I am a young mom I get judged a lot, and I hate seeing older parents making mistakes that I know not too.

I believe in educating yourself as a parent. Especially birth. Having a really traumatic birth experience with Emerson. Even after, doing an extensive amount of research. I believe in evidence based maternal care, and not just doing something because everyone does. I do not believe in prenatal testing for genetic disorders, It wouldn't matter if my child had an extra chromosome, I would love them any way.

If you would have asked me 3 months ago if I believed in vaccinating, I would have said flat out yes. Now, not so much. I do believe in vaccinating, I do not believe in shocking and compromising a child's immune system. I do not believe in flu shots, especially live virus flu shots.

I believe, we should take advantage of modern medicine that have been found, but not to abuse it. We do not give advil if our baby is merely fussy. I give prunes rather than milk of magnesia. I'd rather natural remedies cure our bodies before chemicals do. That being said, if we are sick, we do go to the doctor if we need. I believe we often over use medicines and therefore our bodies eventually become immune to them.

I believe that as a parent we have are supposed to protect our children's bodies. It's not my body therefore it's not my choose. After having my body cut open with no evidence, no consent, and little reason, I will NEVER do that to Emerson or any future children. I will not pierce Emerson's ears, unless she asks. And even then, we will sit down, and talk and see if she truly wants it, or if she just feels pressured to do it. If we ever have a boy, he will not be circumcised. Hunter does not agree with me on this, so if we ever have a boy, we'll need some help, because my child will not be getting it done. I believe parents are brainwashed with little evidence to do this to their boys, and I will not stand for someone taking a piece of my son away from him.

That was long, but these are just some of my parenting beliefs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Shoping Trip.

Well, we were gonna go swim today at Hunter's sisters apartment, but it rained. Haha. So we were sitting around the house doing nothing, and I remembered there's a consignment sale going on in chattanooga, so we decided to go. We didn't know until we got there that they didn't take credit/debit cards and we only had $20 cash. But it was fun picking out stuff and then making what we really wanted fit our budget! This is the stuff we got at the consignment sale for Emerson:

-A Play outfit, that has red pants and a white and red shirt with hearts on it. (for this winter)
-A cotton long sleeve little dress for this fall!
-A pair of my first christmas pjs (they were $1!)
-A pair of brown casual shoes for the fall.
-A pair of black dress shoes for the winter.
-A cool little puzzle from "Santa" for this christmas, It's wooden, and on one side it's a farm, and you can move the animals around to where they are supposed to be. Then on the other side (you flip it over) and it's an ocean with boats and fishies to move around! It's super cool and was only $3

So total at the consignment sale we spent $16! But it was so fun to look at everything!

Then, I noticed on one of the Coupon blogs I follow, that this week at target they have the Gerber Puffs on sale. Emerson loves these! But I usually buy the walmart brand in that kind of stuff, but with the sale and with coupons these were cheaper per bottle than the walmart brand! So we went to target and got 4 bottles of puffs, some baby food, and they had the target brand yogurt bites on clearance for like $.40 a bag. So I got a few of those, just to let Emerson try. Also at target they had a lot of their summer clothes on clearance, so I looked for Emerson some for next summer. I got a pair of shorts for $1, a skirt for $1.50, and a dress for $2. I got 18 or 24 month so she'll definitely be able wear them next summer!

Today was a fun day and we got a bunch of good deals!
Oh and we've started Emerson's christmas list, here is what we want to get her from us/santa:

-Toddler Plates, Bowls, and Silverware.
-Wooden Puzzles
-Big Bibs (the plastic kind, we have a few, but want to get her some more since she's a messy eater)
-Wooden Blocks
-Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Musical Puppy (I got this is March on clearance for $13 and I had a $5 off coupon, so it was only $8 and it's originally like $23ish!)
-Disney Princess Ride On (We got this at a yard sale for $5 and it was barely used)
-We also want to get her another 'BIG' item, but we're really not sure what, we'll probably just know when we see it!

What did y'all get your children for the first Christmas? We also have to keep in mine that her birthday is 3 weeks later, so she'll have an abundance of new toys around this time of year!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


After Emerson's 6 month shots and a bad reaction to them. I've been doing a little bit of research. I really never gave it much thought before. But I really had no clue that they were shocking her immune system by giving her so many vaccinations at one time. So starting at 12 months (her next set of shots) I will be denying the cocktail and allowing her to get one vaccination every 2 months until she is caught up to the 'suggested' schedule. I feel like with all those live viruses going into her body at once, it's hard for her immune system to keep up with them all, therefor giving her some bad reactions. I do not want to deal with that again. Do y'all follow the routine vaccination schedule with your babies? Also, the doctor mentioned at her 6 month appointment that it's recommended that all babies 6 mo+ get the flu shot. So they would give Emerson hers at 9 months, in October. Well, I'm not sure what to think about it. Every time (3 times) I have gotten the flu shot, a few days later I would get a cold, or a flu, one time I actually got pneumonia. So I really don't know if I want Emerson getting it. I declined it last year, when I was pregnant, and didn't get sick once that winter. I'm really just not sure how I feel about the flu vaccine. Do/Did yall's babies/children get the flu shot? What are yall's opinions on it?