Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Cloth Stash for an (almost) One Year Old!

I've noticed a few of yall are trying out cloth diapers, so I decided to post on what we have for our (Almost) one year old, what we like, and what we use for what. We have some that are tooo small for her, but are in storage until baby #2 comes along, whenever that will be. Since we've moved (and have a washer to ourselves) we've started to cloth full time! As opposed to 1/2 the time! The ONLY time she wears disposibles is when my nana or hunter's sister keeps her while i'm at school, so that's like 7 diapers a week, so really not that bad! In our stash we have 11 prefolds, 8 covers, and 5 pocket diapers. We need more, I wash every other day, so at tax time, we're going to get some more pockets!
So Here's my stash!

These you put a prefold in and wrap around the baby, they can be wiped clean between washes and used more than once!
*Not pictured, medium white prowrap (it was dirty)

These are medium Bummis Whisper Wraps. I like these for nights because they are still a little big for her so I can add an extra insert!

medium bummis whisper wrap

Econobum One Sized, she was in this one when I decided to take pictures! lol

Wonder Wraps One Sized, I love this fit! These are the only covers I will use in Public! These are also my favorit cover of all time, but they are hard to come buy! I cannot find these anywhere new!


ProWrap Medium Blue Edge Prefold, we have 8 of these!

Econobum One Sized Prefold, we have 3 of these.

ProWrap and Econobum compared folded longways

ProWrap and Econobum compared laying flat

Prowrap folded 4 times and Econobum 3 times

ProWrap folded 4 times and Econobum 3 times
Baby in a ProWrap Prefold without a cover.

How I usually fold the prefolds and snap with a snappi

Snapped with a Snappi

Snappi-ed prefold on baby!
Pockets: You put an insert inside these. I use these mostly for when we are out, because they are soooo easy.

One Sized Alva Baby

One Sized Bumgenious

One Sized Minky Alva Baby

Inserts: I only have one for each diaper, so 5. But i'm wanting more so I could add an extra insert for night time and such!

Left is Alva Baby MF insert, Right is Bumgenious MF insert. Bumgenious has snaps to adjust size, this is the largest setting.

Left Alva, Right Bumgenious on Medium

Left Alva, Right Bumgenious on Small
 ***My preferences: Snaps. I hate velcro only because it starts to catch or get fuzzy, so I know it wont last as long. For poos, I like prefolds because they are easier to rinse.


  1. This is great!! I love this post? Have you had any leaks? How did you learn to cloth? Can you show how you fold the prefolds

    1. I've had one leak! Our entire time! And it was because we went up to size medium covers and I didn't tighten them as snug as they should've been!

      A friend got me into it! Well more of an aqquentance, but she gave me 8 size small prefolds, and 8 size medium prefolds, with about 8 size small covers, and the one bumgenious pocket to try out! and we loved it! I learned a lot from 'Obbsandlala' on youtube she has great tutorials!

      and I was going to try and take some pictures with emerson to show different folds and such but she wouldn't stop wiggling! So I may try with a teddy bear some time!

    2. I will hav to check her out on YouTube. Blaikelynne is already 5 months but I really think it will be worth it. I just wish I would have tried with my others but to be honest I had no idea that people still cloth

    3. diapered. I guess I should try some prefolds. I'm afraid of not folding them right. What laundry detergent do y'all use?

    4. Since we've moved and cloth diapered full time and not just part time, we've already saved about $40 a month! I love it! There are differnent ways to fold them! I kinda made up my own fold and it's never faild me! Some people just fold the diaper in 3rds and lay it in the cover, but I thought that way seems way tooo bulky. We use All Free and Clear, It's not cloth diaper specific but it's deffinately safe to use for them!

  2. I am slowly trying to build our stash. When my order from Alvababy comes I will have 4 diapers, 5 inserts, and 4 prefolds. I'm hoping to have a good stash by June.

    It just sucks because I only know of 1 store that sells Cloth diaper covers and they are 13 dollars for the cover. They aren't even too great it seems. I don't know. Lol. I can't wait to test them out.

    1. we only have one store and it's more boutique like and super expensive, I usually buy offline or from moms I know!
      what brand are the covers? I may have tried them!

  3. i wanted to do the cloth diaper thing but never had a lot of success.

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