Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Mothers Day

My first second mothers day. 2012
Last year, the friday before mothers day I got 3 positive pregnancy tests! This year Emerson turned 4 months old, today! I got up, Hunter (and Em) gave me candy and a chocolate heart cake (yummy!) We went to church, I got to stand up with all the mommies! The childrens church gave all the moms chocoloate. It was sweet, I was an emotional wreck all day. Tearing because I am a mom, because Emerson's now 4 months old, because I have the best daughter. I've been crying a ton! So we leave church and got eat at Genghis, me, hunter, and em. It's funny that before your a mom you don't notice this holliday much, but today it was so important. I have a daughter. I AM a mom and it's just sweet. I look at Emerson and realize how much I brag on her. She can laugh, smile, roll over, jump, dance (well, pelvic thrust), she burps louder than anyone I've heard. I'm so proud, I tell her she's a genious, which she is, at least in my eyes. She knows songs and loves music, we read and she touches pictures. She's mine and she's so smart. I think that's why I'm loving mother's day this year, because I am a mother, I'm hers and I'm the only mom she'll ever have. And i'm so lucky. I can't put it into words but my first mothers day was surreal. It was amazing, because Emerson is mine and she has me. I'm blessed.


  1. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog, and I think we are friends on facebook lol. Little Emerson is adorable :) It really does feel great to be a mother doesn't it??
    I had my first baby at 17, and I just read back through all you blog posts... it crazy how similar they were to things that happened to me.
    Looking forward to reading some more of you posts!


    1. Thank you! And yes, it's definitely amazing! :) I think we are, I went to Ringgold. lol