Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nothing goes as planned.

Well, since I had Emerson the plan was for me to go back to work once hunter graduated and then us move out. Well we applied for two income based apartments, that we could afford with hunter's pay check but we wouldn't have any leftover for groceries or gas money. or anything for emerson. So I would have to go back to work. So my old manager had been telling me I could come back whenever. So by chance two weeks ago I ran into my old district manager and he said I could come back whenever just to call him. We had been banking on my going back there.  Job security. So today, I call him, he said to just go online to put in an application to be in the system, so I go on the website and the only available jobs were for managers and assistant managers. Not what I'm eligible for or want. So I called the district manager back he said just fill it out anyway. So I clicked the manager one. Spent 2 hours filling it out, well maybe not that long, I had to feed Emerson in the middle of doing it. lol. I click submit, it comes to a page saying I'm not eligible for this job. I started bursting in tears. I need this job. We need me to have this job. Flexible hours and good people. I need money. Hunter came in and saw me in tears, and assured me everything would be fine. But i'm scared. so scared. So I'm gonna try to fill out the assistant manager one tomorrow and if that doesn't work call the district manager. It really ruined my day. I feel like our plans have been thrown completely around. But on the plus side we applied for our apartments, one is not so nice not in a great neighborhood and one is awesome. But you can guess which one is cheaper, I kinda hope we just get the cheaper one, which will help us out a ton. But we'll see, I know God has a plan and everything will come in time. So we're just praying.

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  1. Try not to panic. I know it sucks when things don't go as planned, but sometimes that just means there is something better in store.

    I'm sure that the manager can print out an application for you if the online one doesn't work tomorrow.