Monday, October 29, 2012


Well friday morning, I tried to get on blogger and it kept on saying that there was a service error. same thing saturday. and sunday. and this morning. So finally I got fed up and started trying different things, and so I figured out I can get on blogger on internet explorer but not on firefox. I ALWAYS use firefox. So yeah, that's why i've been so absent! But I started work yesterday! I LOVE it! It's super easy, I just REALLYYYYY miss emerson. I feel like I'm missing everything! But I also worked today. But don't have to work again until friday!I'm a cashier though! Yesterday, when I got home from work, I was in the floor playing with emerson and she took her first step! Well, it was her standing in front of me and she took a step and then fell on top of me! haha. She did that 3 times yesterday! And then once today when my mom was watching her while I was at work! Then today, I was getting Emerson out of the car and she was making funny faces and opening her mouth really wide, and she has a tooth! I had no clue! It's the top right tooth! it's barely poked out but it's out! Then I was buckling her in her car seat and noticed that the bottom right is barely poked thru! Less than the top! So within the past week she's took her first steps and cut her first 2 teeth! It's crazy how much she's grown up! We're hoping to be moving to the apartment by Dec. 1st! That's a month away! It's small, but perfect for us! The only bad part is that the bedroom is a very akward shaped room, so we're really not sure how we're gonna fit the crib and our bed, but we'll make it work! The appliances are all new, and the living room is pretty big! the closet is huge! But the bathroom doesn't have a door, just like a curtain, which i'm dreading. Because I really don't want to be in bed, and then hunter start stinking up the room ( TMI) haha. But i'm so excited! My schedule for next semester, we've been registering this past week, has been hectic! It's looking like i'm going to have to go Mon-Thur, which sucks, because I hate wasting gas, and finding a baby sitter will deffinately be harder if we don't get into the program (which we still don't know about). So we're just hoping everything is going to work out!


  1. Yayay Emerson! They grow up so fast! It's bittersweet.

    Congrats on the job and the apartment!

  2. I am sorry, girl, that you are missing her. I hope it gets easier for you!

    Wow! Isn't it crazy how they start growing up all at once! I remember Sam would open her mouth one day and have several new teeth. I guess they must have popped up over night. :)

    Congrats on the apartment too! I hope you post pics!