Monday, July 2, 2012


Well today marks July 2nd, which was the deadline for many things. It was the deadline when we were supposed to be moving into an apartment. We were supposed to have sold the truck by now. And it was the day I had to go to the school to talk about daycare. I don't really talk about my future plans all that much, because honestly, I am doing what I've always wanted to be doing, being a mom, specifically a stay at home mom. Since, I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was take care of babies, cook, and grocery shop. It's what I love doing. I am so thankful to be able to be doing it right now. But as we all know, in the economy, it's selfish for me not to go to college. Although, I do not want to. Hunter's really smart. He's going to a university on a full ride (we got lucky). He's majoring in mechanical engineering. That's his thing, scholastic's, science, books. Me, I'd rather take care of a home. But while he's in college and grad school, I need a job, a good enough job to support us for a few years, so I'm going to a 2 year tech school. I'm not ashamed of that, so many people are, I'd just rather not go. But I know I have too. But anyway, I had to go today, because my adviser told me about this program, that helps low income families pay for childcare while the parent attends school. Which is something we need, since I'm about halfway thru college, I have to go Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-3:30pm and Wednesdays 9-11am. Hunter has no control over his schedule, and will most likely go every single day. Therefore it's gonna be pretty hard to alternate, even though he's requesting to only have MWF classes. So we applied for this program, but since my parents claimed me on their taxes last year, because I didn't have a child yet, we have to include their income on it, even though, they pay nothing for Emerson (they shouldn't) or us, we pay our groceries, and such. But we still have to count their income, which means we probably wont qualify for the program. So that means Emerson probably wont be going to daycare this fall. Which I'm happy about, but we're not sure what the plans are for the fall. We're hoping and praying that hunter will only have MWF classes, and his sister (She's an ER nurse so she only works 3 12-hour shifts each week) can keep her on Wednesday morning until I get out of class. So cross your fingers! But we're still applying for the program, but probable wont get it. But I know that whatever happens will be what is best.
Her favorite toy at the moment, she rolls all over to chase it if it rolls away.


  1. I understand.... It can be rough. I am in school and so is my husband! He also works fulltime! Our schedule can get crazy busy!
    I hope he will be able to have the MWF schedule.

  2. Hey Girl, It is understandable you gotta go to school. I went to school for a year after I graduated, mostly online. I finished a certification and then decided not to use it because Jessie got a better job. That is very smart that he is going through with his plans for a good education! That means a lot for ya'lls future. I am sure you guys know that. Are you trying to get the CAPS certificate? That is crazy they make you use your parent's income. They used to just do whatever you make and the dad, since you guys are the parent/guardians. :/
    I hope things start moving along for you guys!

  3. I'm getting my associates in Health Information Tech, I'm actually not really sure what that really means though. lol I'm just hoping to be able to work from home, like on the computer, so i'll be able to stay home. Yeah, it's because my parents claimed me on their taxes for 2011 before Emerson was born, but the lady said they may be able to get around it, but she's not sure.