Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Trips

Lately, Hunter has been taking us on these day trips to all sorts of places, It's so fun just to get out of town. Today we went to the unclaimed baggage store in Alabama.

^There is is! It's the place where if you loose your luggage and don't ever claim it at the airport, they send it to, and sale it! We left about 10 this morning and got to the town, about Noon, and decided to stop at a little Mexican restaurant to eat, it was pretty yummy! Then we went to the unclaimed baggage! It's so big! The best part is that most of the clothes and such are brand new, from cargo planes loosing, or from people buying new stuff for vacation! But we really didn't find much it was still fun to look at all the finds! They had Grovia Cloth diapers, like 12 of them for $8 each which is really cheap! And they even had baby formula from Japan (of course we didn't buy it) lol  but it was really cool to see. The sad part is they even have a wedding dresses section, where brides lost their dresses (I would be sooo sad if that happened to me). The only thing I didn't like about it was that they look at brands, (like carters, gymboree, ect.) and price their children's clothes higher because of that. If your ever looking for strollers they have a ton there! They also have a lot of car seats and such, but I would never buy used. They have a lot of just random stuff too, it was just fun to look thru. Then we drove home, and got stuck in the river bend traffic downtown, then hunter decided to take me to the mall, because I was trying to find a swimsuit at the Unclaimed Baggage store, and didn't. Lets face it my stomach is just gross since having a child. But we went to all the department stores, and I found a few but I can't justify spending $30 on a swimsuit when we don't even go to a pool that regularly. So I didn't buy anything for myself today, and I  realized I hate buying stuff for me, especially clothes! I'd rather buy things for Emerson or just buy groceries. It was still a really awesome day!

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