Friday, June 15, 2012

I know I've been on a rant...

but people are getting on my nerves.

I can't log on to facebook anymore with out seeing ignorant comments with the things people do with their children. I get it. It's their children, so they have the right to do what they want. I just wish people who do more research on why they parent the way they do.

This morning I logged on to facebook while Emerson was still asleep, and saw a girl I went to middle school with post this.

I hope y'all can see this well, It really made me mad. Because I'm planning a VBAC for our next baby and really looking into the choice of an HBAC. I just hate to see ill-informed parents judge others who have done their research. Home births typically have way less interventions and consequently better outcomes than hospital births. While I understand VBACs CAN be dangerous, It really depends on your situation, but I believe doctors usually just don't want to deal with the mother, and just automatically make them have another c-section. (I know my doctor does. My 6 week prenatal appointment I had to sign a release form saying if I had a c-section once, I would have to have them for the rest of my children(I will be switching doctors)). Another Ignorant, (I use the word ignorant because their not stupid, they just haven't done all their research (well any for that matter) and therefor they just don't know any better) comment this girl makes is "If you must "go hard". go natural at a hospital" Have you ever tried natural labor at a hospital?  Obviously not. It's nearly impossible. Nurses are constantly bombarding you with "When do you want the epidural" "your not getting an epidural" epidural, Epidural, EPIDURAL. Your on constant monitoring, strapped to the bed, you get judged if by chance you want to just squat on the floor, or sit on the toliet. You can't eat, meaning you have no energy when the time comes to push. It really is nearly impossible to "GO HARD" at a hospital. At least around here it is, I've heard of great hospitals other places. But really this post just hits home and I know I will be facing more of this ignorant judgement when we decide to have another child. But the fact that it's appropriate for people to judge other peoples choices, is just sad. Though yes, I do judge people who choose to get induced, have elective c-sections, or not even have the will to try to for a VBAC. It's not because I hate those people or think their selfish, it's because I know they haven't done their research. They just don't know any better. When you know better, you do better. But as a parent, it's your responsibility to know better, to research, stay up to date with the latest medical advances, and to question your doctor, your doctor gets a lot more money with a c-section than a vaginal birth, so no wonder many don't suggest V-BACs. My rant is over, and it's just sad that people do not have enough intelligence to go back to nature, and look into alternatives.

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