Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sleepy sleepy sleep

Today makes night number two that Emerson has actually slept in her crib! She'll be five months in a week. When we came home from the hospital, she was nursing every hour, so she just slept in my arms in between while I sat up/slept in bed, until 5 weeks, when she fell off the bed. I was terrified, I felt like a horrible mom, I  felt like I couldn't tell anyone because, I'm a teenager, and they would blame it on that. I felt horrible, luckily she actually fell on a pillow and was only scared. She went right back to sleep but I stayed up and cried. So after that, she either slept with hunter, he's really good with the co sleeping (I'm not). or the bassinet we had. Then at 2 months, she got too long for it! She's a tall baby, so we decided to move her to the crib, well at 2 1/2 months, she was diagnosed with acid reflux, and the doctor told us to put her in her swing to sleep, because if she spit up she could aspirate, well at 4 1/2 months it finally got resolved! She's on medicine and has started solids so i think that has helped. So i tried just laying in her crib, didn't work. Until yesterday! Hunter was watching her while I did homework, and he wrapped her in a blanket, not like swaddling just wrapping her up, and laid her propped up on her boppy, and put her paci in  and turned on her sleep sheep and she went right to sleep. and every nap since that's what we've done, and it works! Yes, WE KNOW that boppy's aren't supposed to be used in cribs, yes WE KNOW that your not supposed to use blankets in the crib. But hey. It works for us, and we feel it's safe and we check on her. So unless your staying up with her, then you can decide what goes in the crib! Just thought I should share this accomplishment because i'm so happy!

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