Saturday, September 1, 2012


After Emerson's 6 month shots and a bad reaction to them. I've been doing a little bit of research. I really never gave it much thought before. But I really had no clue that they were shocking her immune system by giving her so many vaccinations at one time. So starting at 12 months (her next set of shots) I will be denying the cocktail and allowing her to get one vaccination every 2 months until she is caught up to the 'suggested' schedule. I feel like with all those live viruses going into her body at once, it's hard for her immune system to keep up with them all, therefor giving her some bad reactions. I do not want to deal with that again. Do y'all follow the routine vaccination schedule with your babies? Also, the doctor mentioned at her 6 month appointment that it's recommended that all babies 6 mo+ get the flu shot. So they would give Emerson hers at 9 months, in October. Well, I'm not sure what to think about it. Every time (3 times) I have gotten the flu shot, a few days later I would get a cold, or a flu, one time I actually got pneumonia. So I really don't know if I want Emerson getting it. I declined it last year, when I was pregnant, and didn't get sick once that winter. I'm really just not sure how I feel about the flu vaccine. Do/Did yall's babies/children get the flu shot? What are yall's opinions on it?


  1. We break them up. They get two each time they need them instead of three, four, or five. Grace would react to even the just two... fevers, extreme fussiness, etc. Brentley gets a little fussy, but he's fine the next day.
    We don't do the flu shot at all, and I'm not really sure we are going to do the chicken pox vaccine either.

    My mom swears that the shots had something to do with my brother's autism, so I started researching that when Grace was born. In my brother's case, it could be true because he had pre-existing conditions, but in a normal healthy baby, there have been no proven links. Still, my research led me to things I didn't like reading, so I still take all the precautions I feel are necessary.

  2. We don't do flu shots here, especially after they started combining it with H1N1. There were too many bad reactions and deaths with the vaccine so, no way.

    My mom doesn't believe in vaccinations. I am her only child that got vaccinated. My 3 brothers and 2 sisters have never gotten any vaccinations.

  3. Hmm.. This is something I have always had a tough time deciding...We used to get Sam shots because we thought she was going to go to school, but then we decided to homeschool her. Now we are not sure if she will be getting anymore vaccinations at all. But she is older now, so even if we did, spacing them out would be impossible because she only gets like one at a time at this age. I don't know, it just scares me to think...what are they putting in her body?

    I think spacing them out is a good idea. If you feel like it is compromising her immune system, I would, just to be on the safe side. You can never be too careful.

    As for a flu shot, no. We only do the once that are deemed "necessary" to today's society. Because all they do is guess what this years strand is going to be, inject you with it, and hope you don't get it. I wouldn't waste my time.

  4. Thanks for your input girls! I really don't think we're gonna do the flu vaccine. I will do the chicken pox one, just because I got the vaccine, and never got the chicken pox. But I'm definitely going to space the shots out more than they usually are.