Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halloween 2012!

So since it's September it deffinately means its fall! Well knida! So, we had no clue what we wanted Emerson to be for halloween. So we looked at Kmart the other night while we were there and noticed the costumers were like $25! Uhm, maybe i've just been oblivious but I didn't expect a costume that she will wear once to be $25. I wont even spend that much on an outfit that she would wear multiple times. So I looked around on pinterest figuring I could make something much cheaper.. and I can!!! :)

We've decided on this! I went to walmart to get the tule to make the tutu but they didn't have the royal blue, so I went to hancock fabrics. I got the tule, the elastic, and the felt for $12! So deffinately way cheaper than any costume at a store. I've still got to get a little bit of ribbon though. She's already got a white onsie I can use, and if it's cold, she has some tights!

 She's gonna be cookie moster!
Plus, I figure she can always play dress up with the tutu later on!

And here are some of the other costumes we debated on! I loved the owl, it would've been more time consuming than the cookie monster and with school and everything, we just don't have much time, plus with her not really walking yet, her cape would probably get destroyed. haha.

And a little throw back of Me and Emerson last Halloween! :)
I made this costume!
It's a horrible picture, and I can't figure out how to turn it, but we were skeletons! It's crazy how much things change in just a years time!


  1. That is such a good and affordable idea! Costumes are very expensive, but I am not great at making stuff like that. I just spend the same amount of money I would in the store and get her a super cute tutu costume off Esty the past few years. I Love tutu costumes. I will hate to see the day she outgrows them!

    Love the ghost costume. They had some of those on Etsy too.

    Ba Ha. That is hilarious that you two were skeletons! What was Hunter?

    1. I deffinately want her to be the ghost next year! Hunter liked the cookie monster better though! haha. He wasn't anything :( He had to work that night! But he's asking off this year! but i have no clue what we will be! lol or if we will even dress up!

    2. Yah. Ghost will be adorable, but anytime Daddy wants a say, I'd give in. I used to not lt Jessie have any say about anything and he stopped giving his opinion and he didn't seem interested.

      So I started making sure to let him have say, and he is much more interested now...

      Anyway, I hope he gets that day off! Where does he work?

      Jessie used to work at Wendy's and they would give him first dibs on days off because they knew he was asking off to be with Sam. We got very lucky he has a boss who understood e had a family.

    3. Hunter seams uninterested in a lot of the holliday stuff, like christmas list and stuff like that, but i just try to make him give me ideas lol! But he works at Rosellis it's a little pizza place, and the owners love Emerson so I'm sure they will let him off!

  2. I make the girls costumes! It's a little harder to make Boy costumes:(
    That is a cute little costume!!
    I love the skeleton costume! To cute! When I was pregnant with Ellanoa I painted my stomach like a jack o lantern!!!

  3. Ahh!! The owl costume is what I made Kayelynn for Halloween! Lol. It cost me about 10 dollars.. It's already made. Lol.

    1. really?! Was it hard to make? I want to do it when she's walking because I feel like it would get all torn up if she tried to crawl around in it!

  4. Very cute!! If I can't find a butterfly costume I like for Grace, then I'm going to make one :)

    I painted my stomach as a jack-o-lantern when I was pregnant with Grace too. I wasn't pregnant with Brentley around halloween at all though.

    1. I hope you find one! I saw a tutorial a few days ago on pinterest on how to make home made wings, i should've pinned it! You could always do a tutu with wings and maybe like some sort of headband for the antenas! What is brentley going to be?!