Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carseat Shopping.

Well we're in the market again! Emerson's got like an inch until she grows out of her infant car seat that we keep in hunter's car, so we need to get one for his car. We know we don't want get another huge one like the one in my car (Graco MyRide 65) But at the bare minumum it has to rear face until 40 lbs. I've been doing some research, and I found 2, not so expensive ones.

This one ^ Evenflo Tribute 5. It lasts until 40 lbs, forward or rearfacing. and it's $59.

This one ^ came out this summer (after we got our Graco) The Safety 1st Guide 65. It's $78 at walmart and $99 at babies r us. (Obviously we'll be getting it at walmart. But it last 40 lbs rear facing and 65 forward (just like our graco)

We're really torn on whether we want to get one that will last until 65 or just 40, because by the time she gets 40 lbs, we will hopefully both be graduated and may not need two car seats. My biggest issue is how easy it is to tighten the straps. The chicco key fit we have that she is about to grow out of is sooooo easy to tighten and loosen the straps, therefor i trust that hunter does it correctly. Our Graco is a little harder to get it as tight as it should be. Do any of yall have any suggestions? Or any experience with either of these brands? I need advice!


  1. Awe. She is getting big on you! I hope ya'll find a good carseat!

  2. I would personally go with the new safety 1st. Read a lot of good things on it. I also like theirs seats. I have a safety 1st complete air 65 and Blaikelynne has a onboard 35

  3. PS I have no advice on current carseats. Sam has had the same one since she was 4 months old. It is one of those that goes from newborn to like 100 lbs.

  4. I don't have any experience with those seats specifically, but I love love love Safety 1st. Grace and Brentley both have Safety 1st Alpha Elites. They are pricey though... upwards of $140. I think a lot of the Safety 1st car seats have the same strap tightening methods, and it is very easy on the car seats we have.

    In my opinion, I would pick the Safety 1st. Plus, you may could still need two car seats, and then you'd have to buy another if she outgrows it...

  5. I think we are pretty much set on the safety 1st! Only for the fact, it'll last for at least until it's experiation date. Because I'm don't think she'll be 65lbs at 6 years! but who knows! Around what age to babies typically hit the 40 lb mark?

    1. My son hit the 40lb mark at 4 years. He was turned ff right before his 4 th bday.

      My daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old and is around 35 lbs. she is still rfing. And probably will be until 4 maybe(hopefully) a little over 4!