Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Shoping Trip.

Well, we were gonna go swim today at Hunter's sisters apartment, but it rained. Haha. So we were sitting around the house doing nothing, and I remembered there's a consignment sale going on in chattanooga, so we decided to go. We didn't know until we got there that they didn't take credit/debit cards and we only had $20 cash. But it was fun picking out stuff and then making what we really wanted fit our budget! This is the stuff we got at the consignment sale for Emerson:

-A Play outfit, that has red pants and a white and red shirt with hearts on it. (for this winter)
-A cotton long sleeve little dress for this fall!
-A pair of my first christmas pjs (they were $1!)
-A pair of brown casual shoes for the fall.
-A pair of black dress shoes for the winter.
-A cool little puzzle from "Santa" for this christmas, It's wooden, and on one side it's a farm, and you can move the animals around to where they are supposed to be. Then on the other side (you flip it over) and it's an ocean with boats and fishies to move around! It's super cool and was only $3

So total at the consignment sale we spent $16! But it was so fun to look at everything!

Then, I noticed on one of the Coupon blogs I follow, that this week at target they have the Gerber Puffs on sale. Emerson loves these! But I usually buy the walmart brand in that kind of stuff, but with the sale and with coupons these were cheaper per bottle than the walmart brand! So we went to target and got 4 bottles of puffs, some baby food, and they had the target brand yogurt bites on clearance for like $.40 a bag. So I got a few of those, just to let Emerson try. Also at target they had a lot of their summer clothes on clearance, so I looked for Emerson some for next summer. I got a pair of shorts for $1, a skirt for $1.50, and a dress for $2. I got 18 or 24 month so she'll definitely be able wear them next summer!

Today was a fun day and we got a bunch of good deals!
Oh and we've started Emerson's christmas list, here is what we want to get her from us/santa:

-Toddler Plates, Bowls, and Silverware.
-Wooden Puzzles
-Big Bibs (the plastic kind, we have a few, but want to get her some more since she's a messy eater)
-Wooden Blocks
-Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Musical Puppy (I got this is March on clearance for $13 and I had a $5 off coupon, so it was only $8 and it's originally like $23ish!)
-Disney Princess Ride On (We got this at a yard sale for $5 and it was barely used)
-We also want to get her another 'BIG' item, but we're really not sure what, we'll probably just know when we see it!

What did y'all get your children for the first Christmas? We also have to keep in mine that her birthday is 3 weeks later, so she'll have an abundance of new toys around this time of year!


  1. Woah! Sounds like great deals. Was it the Jack and Jill sale? Where is it located? I totally forgot about it, but I NEVER carry cash, so it is a good thing I didn't go.

    Good ideas for her Christmas. Sam was only a few months old her first Christmas, so we just got her a few big items, a tummy toy, a doorway jumper, and one other thing. Can't remember. And then her second Christmas she was a little over a year old, so we got her a ton of Laugh and Learn stuff! We got all the small toys, the shape sorter, piggy bank, mailbox, etc. And then we got her the big farm. (She already had the couch and kitchen.) I do not recommend getting them for her unless you find them for like 10 dollars like we did at yardsales. They don't really go up to 3 like they say on the box, and every kid I know who had them got bored easily with them because they don't really have accessories or anything.

    1. It was! It's off of brainerd road, in the same complex as Amigos! I liked it better than the Just Between Friends one, but it was about the same size! Saturday is the last day for it, and everything is 1/2 off on saturday so we might actually go back just to look around!

      I've looked at a lot of the laugh and learn stuff, and some of it looks really cool, so i think i'll just let other people buy it for her, like grandparents and aunts and such. Haha. I would love to get her an activity cube, but we looked at one at target and they were like $60, so unless we find a good one at a yard/consignment sale that probably wont happen. lol

  2. Well, Grace's first Christmas she was almost 2 months, and Brentley's he was almost 4 months.

    Grace's second Christmas, she was 13 months. We got her some Little People playsets, Wheel Pals, puzzles, books, curtains for her room, Crayola baby crayons, some rubber ducks, and the Toy Story movies (we're trying to collect all the Disney movies).

    I'm not a huge fan of the Little Peoplr anymore. I love the Wheel Pals though! Oh and the baby crayons... yeah, waste of money. The crayons come out of the holders.

  3. Dang. I missed it, but oh well. I am not fond of JBF, too crowded and big for me, but I like Kendall's Kloset and Kid Zone. Those I go to because they are nice and I always find cute boutique clothes for her there.

    Hm. Sam had an activity cube. I was Garanimals, and if we are talking about the same thing, it was only $20.00. Sam was a year old when we got it for her birthday, and she still Loves it!

    1. I will definitely look for that at walmart! :) I went to the kid zone one last year and found a lot, but this year i didn't find too much. I guess it just depends on what you're looking for! There's one sometime in October by the rave called Duck Duck Goose (I think) so we'll go to the one too! I just like looking around! :)