Thursday, July 28, 2011

the church and the support.

So far, our church still doesn't know. I mean our youth pastor and his wife knew before our dads knew! And we told our pastor before really any friends knew, he supported us, because we are repentant of our sins, but suggested we went to a local resource center. Choices Pregnancy Resource Center; has been a blessing. We go every other week and take classes, parenting classes, classes about pregnancy and what to expect, classes on relationships, and just counseling. They are awesome, they also do ultrasounds there, mainly to talk girls out of an abortion but also to see the baby of their clients. So we got an ultrasound at 14wk6d from them! and it was amazing how much our baby had grown! you could tell he/she had hunter's nose! (which is what i wanted) :)

not very clear, but still a beautiful picture :)

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