Thursday, July 28, 2011

dreams and names...

So last week I had a total break down, because we still hadn't agreed on/choose a name. For either sex! Then one night I just had a dream, that there was a baby boy and the name we thought we liked just didn't suit it, and the baby wouldn't respond to it. Then in the dream, everyone was calling it a certain name, we'll call him Z for now. But if it's a boy he will be called Z, though we still don't have a middle name for him, haha. The girl has been the hardest. I liked the name A but Hunter hated it! So then again I had a dream we had a baby girl and named her E, Em for short. Hunter likes E better than A, but I dont know if he's sold on it, yet. :) For the girl middle name, I want two middle names! I found two short names that go perfect together, but Hunter says it's too much. I like EG for the middle name, but it may just be G. So we'll see! :)

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