Sunday, July 31, 2011

judgmental much?

People drive me insane. I was at work today and saw a pregnant girl I knew, she went to high school with me. She was big, I mean 9 months about to pop miserable. As soon as she left a guy sitting at a table, turns to one of my co-workers and said "did you see how young that girl was, she had to be know more than 14." I was shocked, first of all that girl is 18, older than me, and completely living on her own. I was appalled at how judgmental this world is, without knowing any situation or anything about the person, you judge them. It literally made me sick. So I told the man sitting at the table "No. She's actually 18, older than me, and living on her own, and graduated high school" He was shocked. But how can you not stick up for someone in the cruel world, it literally made me furious and sick. How can you judge someone you've never even met? sickening.

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