Thursday, July 28, 2011

The start of this journey...

Well I'm 17 and I'm pregnant. The Friday before mothers day we found out, I was three days late, but figured it was from all the stress of a Tornado that week completely tearing apart my town. I was wrong Friday morning I went to hunter's house with a box of 3 tests. I went in the bathroom took it, and laid it on the counter, went out to the living room and waited the 2 minutes we were supposed to. Hunter insisted we walked in the bathroom together, to see the results together. We walked in the bathroom, and there it was one line and a plus mark...I sank I immediately fell into hunters arms and just sobbed. I don't know why I was crying, I mean I love babies I should be ecstatic, it's supposed to be a happy time! But for me it wasn't, it was complete fear, fear of people knowing, knowing that we had had sex. We weren't supposed to, and we knew that, we were CHRISTIANS. We went to church, we were on the leadership team in youth group, we were completely involved in the church, how could WE be pregnant? Well we were and there was know changing it now, after 3 pregnancy tests..we knew this mistake wasn't going to go away. 

So the rest of the day I plan to catch up on the past few weeks, and then update this weekly. :)

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