Thursday, July 28, 2011

telling the family...

Wasn't fun. At all. But in the end everyone is supportive, at least all most everyone. My grandparents, were the worst to take it. We went to tell them, and my grandpa told me that if we didn't get married that the baby would be considered a bastard. hmph.. well,  we told them, we were not getting married, not yet at least. So we left their house and they were still pretty angry. So a week later, my grandma showed up at my house, my dad was outside washing cars, and grandma refused to come in the house to see me. She stayed outside and tried to talk my dad into making us get married when my dad said he wasn't going to make us, she drove off. Oh well. But friends started talking and eventually every one found out! And i'm alright with that.

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