Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christmas Time!

And my shopping is (almost) done! Emerson's Mimi took her to the apple orchards in Ellijay today, so me and hunter went and finished most of emerson's christmas! Here's what she's getting!

this push and go panda! I got it on clearance for $4!

This is her BIG item! It was a splurge but we had some gift cards we put to it!

laugh and learn puppy I got on sale a few months back

Disney Princess Ride On, we got at a yard sale and it's the previous version, but from the look of this picture hers actually has more buttons and such!

Those were all the pictures I could find online, since a lot of her stuff was from consignment sales and stuff. But she's also getting

Peek A Blocks, there's 26 of them, and it's the alphabet and inside each on is an object that starts with the letter (A = apple, H= Horse).

Some books.

A little flip over puzzle.

A few outfits from carters I got on clearance for like $4 a piece!

She's also got a little baby doll

And this little elephant, which is basically a ball but it sings and vibrates.

Some baby crayons for her stocking!

That's all we've gotten so far, but all we're planning to get is some stocking stuffers.
I plan to get her  some more pacis, and some forks, and plates, and more sippy cups. All of this stuff sometimes goes buy 1 get 1 free and babies r us, so i'm basically just waiting for a good sale!

It feels good to have it all finished and ready! Now I'm just waiting for thanksgiving so we can put up our tree and I can wrap presents!!!


  1. That is awesome. Cute toys! The activity cubes are always the best because they grow with them. Samantha STILL plays with hers all the time, and she is 4!

    ANother recommendation-this stacker:

    Samantha's therapist used to use it with her when she was 6 months old, so I went and bought her one, and she still plays with it too.

  2. That stacker ^^^ is AWESOME!! Brentley and Grace LOVE it, and I gave it as a 1st birthday gift for one of my friend's little boy, and he loves it too. It's only $10 at Wal-mart.

    Looks like she is going to have an awesome Christmas!!

    I can't wait to wrap and put up the tree either!

  3. I will definitely look into it! People have been asking what they should get her for christmas so I will tell someone that! and if she doesn't get it we could get it for her birthday which is only 3 weeks later! :)