Friday, October 12, 2012

Where we are.

It's been a long time since I 'really' updated. Well here's how life is going...BUSY. The semester is about 1/2 way over and I'm making all A's(barely)! Well, me and hunter are back together. It's a longgggg story and I really want to leave it off the blog. But the jest of it, is that he really just doesn't know how to put his priorities on top of that, add to that 16 credit hours of school, and 35 hrs of work a week. So we are going to counseling, and things are slowly getting better. We've found an apartment, and will be looking at it some time next week. So hopefully we will be moved in by November! Which, I know it sounds a little drastic, because of everything that has happened lately, but we had to. My mom can't afford the house, so she's going to have to move into an apartment, and 5 people in a 2-3 bedroom apartment will just not work. So we got a really good deal with a garage apartment from a lady my mom works with it's $400 a month, which already includes utilities! So we are definitely taking the offer up, because right now we just can't afford a 'normal' apartment. We're definitely excited, but this means I will have to work at least 3 days a week, so I'm in the search of a job. Luckily, I had enough pell grant to last us about 6 months, in the case I don't find a job. But i've been putting in applications! So we're hoping! Emerson is doing great and almost walking! She has her 9 month check up Monday, so I will post on it then! :D


  1. Yay! That sound so awesome!!

    Glad things are getting better between you and Hunter.

    Good luck finding a job!

  2. Glad to here you guys were back together. I figured you guys were since you kept mentioning him in your posts. I know exactly what you mean though. Jessie was 17 when we had Samantha and he was the same way. His priorities were all messed up. He just wanted to play his video games or hang out with his friends and be a kid. Because he never really got to be a kid when he lived at home. (Long story) It took a lot of patience for me to not leave. I kept reminding myself, "He WILL grow up." And he did. He always held a job and went to school and he worked really hard, and then as time went on, he matured more and more and now we have a good balance. He goes out hunting once a week in the morning and then one night on the weekend he hangs out with his friends-they usually come here anyway. This assures us we still get time with him in the week-eating dinner at the table and "chilling" together before bed. And then on the weekend if we want to do a fun activity or when we go to church, he is there. Anyway, I said all that t basically say, Idk if video games are the problem. (Although, they seem to be for most of the people I know.) But whatever it is, as the stress starts to go away and as Emerson gets older, he will start to figure it all out. I am pretty sure we have all been there weather we want to admit it or not.

    That is awesome about the apartment! We lived with my Mom for awhile. There was 6 of us in a 3 bedroom apartment. It wasn't fun, but wasn't too bad either. It was kid friendly since my Mom had a son the same age as my daughter. (We turned the dining room into a playroom. lol) But definitely get your own place if you think you can afford it without adding a ton more stress. $400 a month is not bad considering all the utilities are paid.