Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our busy Monday!

We actually have a busy day tommarow! And i'm actually excited! I hardly ever have plans because of school!

But at 8 am the schedule drops so we can sign up for classes for next semester! I've already got most of what I want picked out, I just have to get on the internet at 8 am to add them!

Then right after that, pretty much as soon as possible, we have to go to the health department to get new WIC. And since the line is always outrageous, I like to get their as early as I can.

Then if we get out of their early enough, It's drop off day at the duck duck goose consignment sale in east ridge. So I'm putting about 50 items in the sale, mostly all of emerson's 0-9 month clothes (the nicer ones), because they've just been sitting in boxes. I've tried putting them on the online yard sales and craigslist and such, but everyone says they want to meet and end up bailing, it really just isn't worth the hassle. So I decided to try out the consignment sales!

Then at 12:50, Emerson has her 9 month check up! I'm kinda nervous for it, because I know the doctor(well, nurse practitioner) is going to push me to let Emerson have a flu shot. Which me and hunter both agree, we really do not see a point in them. So i'm just nervous the doc will jump down my throat and such. But i'm so excited to see what she weighs and how tall she is!

If we don't get out of WIC soon enough, we'll go drop of the clothes at the consignment sale afterward! So it's a pretty busy day! but i'm so excited!

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