Friday, October 5, 2012


Well my sister is on the homecoming court at ringgold this year! So they always do a parade, and normally the girls have some one to ride in the passenger seat of their convertiible. Well, my sister wants Emerson to ride with her. I'm not sure how I feel about it. We would have 3 options.

1. I would have to ride and hold her the whole time.

2. She would have to be rear facing in a car seat.

3. She would have to forward face in a car seat.

But, There is NO way a rear facing cars seat will fit in the seat of a convertible. Emerson isn't big enough to sit forward facing, and no one would be there if she needed help.

So our only choice would be her riding in my lap. Or not ride at all. I'm leaning to not riding at all, but my sister really wants us to. But here's the thing we'll be going 5 mph. But i'm still very uneasy about it. What would you do? Have you allowed your kids to be in a parade?


  1. Honestly, in that situation, I would let her ride. They block all the roads off, and you're going super slow. I've never heard of any of the cars being in a wreck while in the parade.
    I'm dying for Grace to get to be in one of the parades, but her gym doesn't s do them :/

    You know I'm a car seat nazi, and I think it would be fine. I've seen babies in the parade lots of times.

    Now, the only hesitation I would have is, would Emerson like it? Because it would be no fun for anyone if she was crying the whole time...

  2. I would do it. If you really don't want to ride in your lap, forward facing is not that bad at 5 mph is not that bad.

    Sam had just turned 3 and I sat on the float with her with her dance class last year for the Christmas parade, and that wasn't even a car.