Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I wanted to wait, but!

I've got a job interview thursday! :) At toys r us!  It's just seasonal, but it'll give us some cash until I find a real job! It would be 5:30pm - close on weekdays (right now close is 9, but eventually will get later because of the holidays). Which is awesome because my mom usually gets off at 4:30 and my dad at 4, so they would be able to keep her on the days hunter also works nights. So needless to say I'm excited! But I was going to wait to share this all tonight, because we're going to look at the apartment at 6:30! If we like it, we will probably sign the lease! So I'll keep you updated! I'm just so excited! Also, we've been scheduling our schedules for spring this week at school, it's been super stressful, but i've almost got mine all worked out and it looks like i'll be going tues, weds, and thurs again in the spring! It also looks like we may be getting the program that will pay for emerson's daycare, but i'm not going to get my hopes up.


  1. That is awesome! All of it. Can't wait to hear about the apartment.

    When you talk about schedules I think of Jessika. I am sure Christina knows what I am talking about. I can't imagine working out crazy schedules like that!

    If you are talking about CAPS, it will probably pay for all of it but like maybe 20 dollars a week. When Samantha was in daycare when I was in highschool, we signed up for the CAPS certificate, and that is how it was. They said the most they were willing to pay was $90.00 a week, which is a huge chunk of it. It may have changed in 3 years though. idk. Good Luck!

    1. It's called WIA it's a program at technical schools for if you're low income and are majoring in certain high need areas, they'll help pay for gas, childcare, and books!