Friday, October 19, 2012

homecoming and a csection!

Well tonight was homecoming, i'll put pictures of another day! My sister didn't win but she still looked beautiful! We opted out of riding in her car because emerson had a runny nose and the wind was pretty bad!
But my aunt is 37 weeks pregnant! and she walked out of the stadium tonight and her water broke! Yepp! It was a shock! So since she had a csection with her 3 year old she will be having one anytime now. I really hate she didn't listen to me or even do any research herself about VBAC's . I know what she's about to go thru and the pain. and ugh, c sections really make me sick to my stomach. :/ But i am excited to meet my new cousin (its a boy) and i'm glad emerson is getting a little play mate!

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  1. Oh wow! That is crazy! Just out of nowhere? Congrats on your new cousin. :) I am sure by time you read this, he will be here.