Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 months

Diet: She's eating about 4 jars of baby food a day, a bowl of cereal, 2 4 oz bottles, 1 7 oz bottle, and some teething biscuits and some of those little Gerber puff things. She eats pretty much anything, except sweet potatoes, we've tried them once a month but still get a bad reaction.

Weight: No clue! I would say a little over 17 lbs. 17lbs 10oz (when she went to the doctor on 8/21/12)

Height:No clue on that either, 26 inches?maybe

Favorite Toys:Anything that isn't a toy? haha. Cords, shoes, blankets, dogs, and hangers. But she does play with her leap frog music table a lot.

Active:Crawling! Pulling up, and getting into everything!

Words: Dada

Sleep Habits: Not good at all. We haven't been getting sleep around here. She'll go down about 9:30, after she has a 7 oz bottle at 9. Then she'll sleep till about 1am and just want her paci. Then she'll wake up anywhere between 3-5 and just want to be held. She screams to the point one of us just get up and lay with her on the couch, which she'll eventually fall asleep and we'll put her back in her bed (which sometimes wakes her up again) Then she'll sleep until 7:30. We don't know how to keep her from waking up. But we're exhausted. Any tips?

It was a lot harder to take these pictures now that she's crawling!


  1. Cutie Cutie!!!

    Sounds like she is doing good pulling up and crawling already!

    Sam is still the same way, and she is 4. She has toys, but she wants to just pretend without using anything or she wants to play with stuff of ours that isn't a toy.

    Only advice I have is to let her sleep with you. But I know that some people are against that because you could roll over on them. Not sure how you feel about that. Sam always slept through the night. And from time to time she would sleep with us. When we put her in a toddler bed, she would crawl in bed with us at night, so we started co-sleeping, and I LOVE it! We get to be close together all night. She seems to sleep better, and if she wakes up crying, I can cuddle her and she goes straight back to sleep.

    If you don't want to use that as an alternative, I know sometimes people use music. (Sam always stays asleep to classical music.) Some people use the Lavender lotions because the scent is supposed to help them sleep better. Not sure what else you can do since it isn't a hunger thing. Maybe give her shorter naps in the day?

  2. I tried giving her a bath like 20 minutes before she slept last night and used the lavender stuff. but that didn't work. But i'm definitely all for co-sleeping, except for the fact that me and hunter share a twin bed, so there is literally no room at all. She normally takes a 1 1/2 -2 hour nap about 11. and then an hour nap at 3. then usually a 30 minute nap at 7. I've tried to try to keep her up and not let her nap at 7, but she doesn't ever make it.

  3. If you don't mind the co sleeping then you can hbe her sleep on your chest. Drew and I use to share a twin size bed. Our son slept in there with us till he was 12 monts and sometimes when he was a bit older(like sick or something). I am usually a stomach sleeper but learned to sleep on my back with him on my chest.

    Also I have learned that you have to let them fuss a bit. I mean of course go in there and lay her down not ignore it or anything but try not to get her out of bed. For a week or so it will be rough with the constant getting up to lay her down but it will eventually sink in. You will be classically conditioning her instead ofthe other way around like she is doing now. She knows y'all will keep getting up and get her.

  4. Our son didn't start sleeping good until 4. Some kids just don't sleep through the night:(

    Something that also helped him was to put a few toys in his bed and let him play with them when he woke up in the middle of the night but he was like 15 months. We also got him a Mickey mouse tv and let him watch that at be time and he would fall asleep to Disney movies. We weaned him off that at about 3 and now he needs nothing!!' well except for a kiss and a lullaby and his stuff animals/blankies.

  5. That is how it was with me and Jessie. We shared a twin bed, even when I was pregnant. It was cramped. And then Sam co-slept with us off and on. Then it turned into permanent. Maybe look into a co-sleeper that you put at your bed if you don't want to be cramped up?

    The toy thing is a good idea too. We do that with Sam now. Because I don't care what time she goes to bed. So I give her books and toys and and let her go to bed whenever. I know she may be too young to read or whatever, but they have those toys that light up and play music with little toys on them that might help, just another thought.