Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When life gets hard.

Being pregnant in High School, that was hard.
Working 40+ while pregnant, that was hard.
Working 40+ and going to school full time from, 5-8 months pregnant, that was hard.
17 hours of natural labor, that was hard.
 Pushing for 3 hours, that was hard.
Going under the knife and having a child taken out of me, that was hard.
Recovery, even harder.
Breastfeeding, the hardest thing i've ever done.
Quitting breastfeeding? That was even harder.
Now, life is about to be getting a whole lot harder.
Why? Me and Hunter are both going to school full time this fall! It's official everything is basically worked out schedule wise!
Going to school, and leaving Emerson, will with out a doubt be the hardest thing i've done in my life. Being with her pretty much every moment of the first 7 months of her life, and now having to be away from her is going to be tough. But I know it's needed and will deffinately get us ahead and have a much better future for emerson. So here is our hectic schedule for this semester-

Mondays- I don't have class, so I'll stay home with Emerson. Hunter has an 8:15 class, and his last class ends at 3. Then he'll go to work at 4.

Tuesdays- My first class starts at 8:15 and my last one ends at 2:30, Hunter only has one class that day that starts at 3 and ends at 5. So he's gonna keep her and then we're gonna meet half way, i'll take Emerson, and he'll go to class. Then he'll come home and we'll go to bible study at choices!

Wednesday- My only class is from 8:15 - 10:30, Hunter's first class starts at 9, so he's gonna drop Emerson off at my Nana's (She lives in East Ridge, half way between our house and Hunter's school) and soon as I get off I'll go pick Emerson up. Hunter's last class gets out at 3, so then he'll go to work at 4.

Thursdays - My first class starts at 8:15 and my last class ends at 3. Hunter's first one starts at 9, so he's gonna drop Emerson off at his sister's apartment (in East Brainered, it's totally out of the way but she's free) and then I will pick her up when I get out. Hunter's last class ends at 5 that day, so we will get that night together.

Fridays -  I don't have class, so I'll stay home with Emerson. Hunter has an 11am class, and his last class ends at 3. Then he'll go to work at 4.

So that's our schedule, it starts this next week! I am unbelievably nervous and excited. But most of all I'm glad. I'm thankful, that we are both in school, and everything worked out for us to be. It's gonna be hard, but we're gonna make it work. 


  1. I'm glad it all worked out for your guys! I hate the crazy schedules too, but it has become our routine. You will get used to it with time.

    1. I hope it does! I don't think I've ever been so nervous about school before!

  2. Oh girl. I know it will be hard leaving her! Just good that you do not have to put her in daycare! That is a plus! And it is great that you guys were able to work out your schedules. What school? And what are you guys majoring in? Good Luck!

    1. I'm going to Georgia North Western Tech and majoring in Health Information Management. And hunter's going to University TN Chattanooga, and majoring in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering(he hasn't really decided!

  3. Wow. That is so great you are both in college! What can you do with your major?

    Jessie and I started out that way. He dropped out 3 times. I stayed in and finished a certification, but that was it. We both like what we do though. Jessie is a cable technician and I get to stay home. So I think it turned out well. :)

    1. I want to stay at home! haha! But with mine, it's mostly like medical coding, and billing insurance companies. But there's a lot where you can work from home just on the computer. So that's what I am hoping to do after I get some experience, so that way I can stay home with Emerson and work from home!

  4. I didn't get to stay home until she was almost 2. I had just graduated highschool, early. (If I hadn't, she would have been almost 3 when I finished). And then I took online classes for school. Have you looked into take the classes that you can online? That is a great idea! That is why I went to school for transcribing, to work from home. I finished, but changed my mind about doing it from home. I wasn't willing to get experience in an office first.

  5. That's what I have done, online since january, but they only offer like the core classes online and i've pretty much have taken all of them. Like, I have 1 class left that I can take online and I'm doing it this semester.