Friday, August 3, 2012

making a move.

well hopefully!
Since my parent's are getting divorced my mom doesn't wont to live in the same house, which I understand. Sooo! We've been talking and we're thinking about getting a bigger house with either

A. A mother in law apartment for me hunter and emerson


B. A big basement, with at least a bathroom and two rooms for us to have.

So we've been looking! And i'm super excited. We've agreed that we(me and hunter) would pay for electric and water. And mom the rent. But we can't do anything until the divorce is final so it could be awhile. But still I'm excited for the fact that we could have our own space. We decided to do this, because we couldn't afford an apartment if I didn't work. And I'm not able to work because emerson can't go to daycare this semester and i'm having trouble finding a sitter for the 2-3 days i'm at school. But I'm excited! If this does happen, we plan on staying there until hunter graduates 4-5 years, which mean Emerson would probably be in kindergarten, so we while we look for a new house we have to pay attention to school zoning. It makes me excited to just see how everything will turn out!

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