Saturday, August 4, 2012

At my wits end.

With Acid Reflux.

After I quit breastfeeding, she was already on Similac Sensitive because she was sooo fussy and gassy and really just in pain. That deffinately helped with the pain. But right after I quit, without a fail, every single bottle would be perjectiled. No matter where it was. On me, In the flood, Carseat, on the table, on the dog. It happened everywhere. We use the Dr. Brown's bottles which are supposed to help with the gas and reflux, yeah, they don't, they're just a pain in the butt to clean.  When she was 11 weeks old, I took her in, they told me to add cereal to her bottle to help her stomach hold it down. That didn't help. So at 13 weeks I took her back, she then got Zantac, twice a day at morning and at night. Well it helped a little, no more perjectile, just spit up in little intervals ALL THE TIME. At her 4 month check up, I asked about it again, and they said with her starting solids it should help it. Did it? NO. Not at all. Infact, the past month, it has gotten worse. Not only is it just curled milk, it's now bits and pieces of peas and apples and who knows what else. I know it's gross. I've been wanting to just 'WAIT IT OUT' until yesterday, when emerson discovered that when ever she spits up, she now wants to play in it. I've caught her at least 10 times today, trying to crawl, and then she'll spit up on the floor and then percede to play in it, like she's finger painting. It's disgusting. I just figured she would've been grown out of the Acid Reflux by now, so it's looking like it's a lot more severe than I thought. She's got to go back to the doctor soon, to get a Zantac refill. But we're restless, she's stopped sleeping thru the night, and i'm being covered in puke daily. I just want her tummy to get better.


  1. Are they sure it's acid reflux? Grace did the same projectile vomiting thing right after I stopped breastfeeding. We ended up switching to soy based similac formula, and we never had a problem with it again. She drinks regular cows milk just fine. Her tummy just couldn't handle the milk based formula.

    1. That's what the doctor told us. But we've tried similac original, enfamil newborn, similac sensitive, and gerber good start. Similac sensitive seems to work the best. She goes back in like 2 weeks, so I'm gonna talk to them about it, because it's definitely not getting better.

    2. Maybe you could suggest switching to soy. We just did it with Grace. We didn't even ask, and they said as long as it's working for her to keep doing it. It could seriously just be that the milk based formula is too harsh for her tummy.