Friday, August 24, 2012

First Week Of School!

Was not fun. haha Y'all know that Emerson had to go to the doctor tuesday and it turned out she has pink eye. :( And she's got a cold, and cough, and is still congested pretty bad. Wednesday went okay, I was only gone for an hour and a half, because my class got out early and she was asleep i most of that. Thursday, was my birthday, and it was a disaster. I went to class, then between classes I decided to come home to get lunch because I have like a 3 hour break. So I came home, and my sister, who was keeping her, was like I can't do this anymore, I'm stressed out. Emerson didn't take her morning nap. Wouldn't eat. And apparently whined and scream the majority of the time. When I was there, she was perfectly fine. Soon as I got to the school, I had a text from my sister saying she was screaming again. That was about 11:30. When I got home, Emerson was finally taking a nap! She apparently cried from 11:30-12:45 and finally fell asleep. She woke up about 2:15. We went and got groceries. Then went out with my dad for my birthday. We went to buffalo wild wings! It was so yummy! But after I was done, my stomach started hurting. I started like getting real cold, but also sweating, I was dizzy and felt like I had to pass out. Then my lower back starting hurting really bad. It has hurt since then so bad that I took a hydrocodone last night. My mom said she thinks its a kidney stone, but I have a drs appointment monday to see. (of course we couldn't get one for today). So basically, if it gets any worse we will probably be making a trip to the ER. :/ On top of that I have 3 tests to take by sunday! And a ton of homework. I'm just hoping my health and school will all get better.


  1. Oh girl, you poor thing. I am so sorry things aren't going well. Keep us updated on your back.

    How old is your sister? Who is going to watch her now if she won't? :(

    1. she's 17. But she was only keeping her for last week. From now until december, my nana will keep her on wednesdays and my boyfriends sister on thursdays.

  2. She will get used to you being gone eventually. It'll take her some time, but she will. I know it's hard, but you will all get in the groove of things soon :)