Sunday, August 12, 2012


As a mom, you get a TON of advice. Some wanted, some not so much. Those random ladies in the grocery store that ask you if your 5 week old sleeps thru the night, no, no she doesn't. They'll tell you to put rice in her bottle. Or those crazy ladies in the restaurant bathroom, when your changing your kids diaper when she's 2 months old and they start telling you to give her water, no, no she really doesn't need it. Or those 'older' moms who think your crazy for trying cloth diapers, and tell you disposable are better. Those family members who tell you their children were already drinking cows milk at 6 months, and it's cheaper than formula, NO THANK YOU. When you have a baby, you get a ton of bad advice, a whole lot of out dated advice, but you also get some good tips. The best advice I ever got was a lady who told me, "It doesn't get any easier, the challenges just change". At the time, I was mad, real mad. I hadn't slept for days, everyone was telling me it would get better, and your telling me it wont? WHAT?!? But she was right, it's not easier, the hardships are just different. Instead of feeding a baby every hour, I now clean up baby food off of ever nook and cranny (whatever a nook, and whatever a cranny is, I don't know.) we own. Instead waking up every 2 hours to a hungry, but still sleepy baby, I now spend an hour trying to get Emerson to sleep and not just play. Instead of lugging a sleeping baby in huge car seat around, I now plan everything around Emerson's naps. Instead of having to hold her all the time, I now chase after her every where, I still get NOTHING done. Motherhood, doesn't get easier, the challenges will be there, they will just be different.


  1. I guess that is true, but I guess the lady could have phrased it better, especially since you were a worn out, brand out Mamma at the time. It is nice now that Sam is older that we don't have to carry a diaper bag or feed her ourselves or anything.
    I hate getting advice from strangers!!! And my MIL Gir!

  2. Honestly, it does get easier once they can do things for themselves. It may not seem like it yet, but it will. It's so much easier when your kid can actually explain what they want.
    I hate getting advice of any kind unless I ask for it. If I don't ask for it, I'm already doing what I want to do.

  3. I see what she was saying, but I think some ways it's easier but there's other things that's harder. Like having to chase after her everywhere, instead of her just laying there. And I agree! I've learned to completely ignore my MIL.