Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm not going to lie.

Some nights, after Emerson goes to bed and before Hunter gets home, all I do is get on pinterest a read random blogs. Most of them have to do with newborn, baby, and pregnancy stuff. I'm not going to lie, I get baby fever BAD. Disclaimer: I AM NOT pregnant. Nor will be for at the very least 3 years. VERY LEAST. But sometimes, I want another bad! I miss just holding Emerson, and her being so small, I hate how I've blinked and 7 months have gone by. But most of the cause of my baby fever, is plans! I want to have a home birth. I've already looked into midwives in my area, and call me crazy but i've actually talked to one. hah. I want to breast feed and cloth diaper. Honestly, I just want a lot of kids. I asked hunter a few weeks ago how many kids he wanted, he told me 1. WHAT?!? I definitely do not feel 'finished'. Honestly, I LOVE being pregnant. I love being able to have a belly, and show it off. I love the waddling. I love pregnancy and birth, and just reading about it. I love researching options and alternative ways to do things. I just love babies. One of my main reasons for actually working out and eating healthier, is so I can be fit enough to have a healthy pregnancy and give birth at home. If I had my way I'd have 4+. I want more than 2, but don't want to have a middle child, so 4 makes since to me. Hunter of course will always be worried that we wont be able to provide. The ladies at the gym yesterday told me that I wasn't allowed to have anymore children because Emerson is such a good baby that the next one will be a terror. I just can't but wander how many children I will end up having. But in the mean time, we're going to school, hopefully will get married, and buy a house, then we'll start popping them out. I just love the thought of Emerson having a sibling.

*I know this post probably makes zero since, but it's just my feverish ramblings that have been on my mind.


  1. I know the feeling, girl. It will happen. Jessie and I were both dead set on having just one. And it wasn't until just recently-Sam is almost 4, that we decided to have another.

    There is just something about getting to parent the way you wish you would have the first time that is exciting! The cloth diapering. Baby wearing. I get what you mean. And being pregnant was fun too! Other than being sick.

    People have told us the same thing. Our next will be terrible since Sam is so good. It is kind of scary to think-what if that is true? lol

    I am sure it won't be long before things start moving along. And before you know it, you guys will be getting Emerson ready for a sibling!

    PS I know what you mean about Pinterest! It is addicting! I spent all night Tuesday repinning funny things off my friend's boards. lol

  2. I've had baby fever since Brentley was like a month old lol. I have no idea why. When I was pregnant with him, I was certain he would be my last because we had a boy and a girl, so everything was perfect. Then I had him, and he was so big. I never had a tiny baby. I think that's the problem lol.
    Now everywhere I go I see babies and pregnant people. Heck five friends on my facebook have had babies this month already! That just makes me want one even more. It breaks my heart that we can't have one and provide for another one.
    I actually told Chris yesterday that if I got pregnant again, I wanted twins, a boy and a girl lol. We already have their names picked out :p

    I absolutely love being pregnant and being a mommy. If I could afford it, I'd probably have 20 kids like the Duggars :p

    Oh and I can say that your next kid will probably be totally opposite, but that doesn't mean it will be a terror. Grace is our wild one. She's active, outgoing, and just a ball of fun lol, but she's not a terror by any means. She's just Grace :)

    And I just wrote a book. Sorry about that lol.

    1. Sorry I'm just now replying! I'm just now seeing this! And yes, like whenever I see a pregnant woman I just wanna be pregnant and go thru everything again! I used to say I wanted to be like the Duggars! haha. I just hope one day we'll be able to support a few more! And oh, goodness! Emerson's a really happy baby I just don't wanna end up with a crying colic-y baby!