Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Whether it's eating, shopping, or giving business. I'm all for supporting locally owned and stay at home parents businesses. That's why I love etsy and such. As you all have heard about the chick fil a stuff lately, and how many people went there today it got me thinking. Where does all the money they make really go? The people make $7.25 and hour so it's not like it's going to the employees. They do have good quality food but I'm sure they double what they spend, or at least today they did. It got me thinking about the locally owned restaurants around here, the family owned coffee shops, like caffeine addicts, and pizza places. Hunter works at Roselli's a family owned small pizza restaurant. Their employees make more than $7.25 starting off. Hunter, after a year makes $8.50. How can a family owned business afford to pay their employs more than a multi million dollar company? I don't know. But it does strike me odd. When I worked at Subway we weren't allowed to eat anything without paying for it. Yet, hunter is allowed to eat as much as he wants while he's on the clock. (he's gained 15 lbs this past year!) It makes me wonder do these company's, not just chick fil a, really care about their employees or do they just care about the money? Thinking about this today made me think, where do I want my money and my business to go? Do I want it to go to the hands of some rich CEO, who knows nothing about the work the people in his company does? Or do I want it to go into the hands of a parent or a family who are paying their bills, their children's music lessons, or their kids college? But most importantly, I want my money to go into the hands that worked for it. I don't want my $10 bill to be split 1/10 to the workers and 9/10 to the high end sit in a desk and do nothing guys. I want it to go to employees who served me, who worked to earn it. Another reason I want to spend locally, is the fact that most of the time, the owners of a restaurant are also there working, and working just as hard as the other employees. This is just something I thought on today, that maybe we should support our local business more than we do the million dollar companies we often go to.

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  1. I totally get what you are saying. It goes for the national level too. Instead of creating jobs here and circulating more money through our economy, huge companies outsource there companies to other countries because people there will do the same jobs for a lot less money. So many people are money hungry now a days that it is just sickening.