Tuesday, August 21, 2012

rough day

It was my first day back to school today! It was, not to good. I missed Emerson so bad. My classes are definitely hard this semester. On top of this, Emerson woke up with a 102 fever, yellow-greenish runny nose, and yellow goop in her eye. So hunter took her to the doctor, it killed me not being with her. :( And she has pink eye. So we got some meds for it. But she's been super fussy, and has cried so much she has started to loose her 'voice'. This was just not a good way to start the school year.


  1. Aww poor thing. Grace was one constant sickness from the time she was born until right after she turned one. It was one thing after another... RSV, RSV again, colds, viral infections, ear infections, stomach viruses. I thought it would never end. Thankfully it did though!

    I hope she gets better soon!! And good for you for continuing your education!! :)

  2. I am sorry, girl. It doesn't sound like a good day, but I hope things get better for you guys! Keep us updated!